Guest Post by Dan D. Lion

The greatest evidence that we live in an intelligent world is her sustained delivery of everything we need. It doesn’t matter how many layers of insanity we decide to wrap around ourselves, physical earth reality is always still happening and even now is absolutely abundant.

I, Dan D. Lion, am the champion of flowers unloved by humanity. Every spring, in just about every place landscaped by human interruption and neglect, they burst in and blanket the ground. Bright little balls of sunlight pulling nutrients and water to the surface with their deep taproots. Car exhaust and exhausted soil spun with sunlight into a green capillary of the larger lung of our atmosphere.

We breathe out into their in-breath.

Our relationship is important; unfortunately, it is often an abusive relationship: the violent fat-headed biker dating a beautiful ninja. He gets drunk and tries to punch her out but she’s so nimble and assured that he ends up looking like a fool (but at least one who got some exercise that day).

“Damn, they’re pushing up again. Hey Johnson, spray some poison on that weed.”

With dandelions it’s never that easy. Again and again, I’ve watched with fascination as time slows and one of my beloved dandelions drops low to matrix duck spinning blades.

Even after being hosed down with poison, they continue to not only survive but thrive. That’s kind of their specialty, actually. They are some of the great detoxifiers of our world: always working to improve the air and soil and to purify the water they sublimate.

No matter how much scorn is heaped upon them: how many poisons, whippers and blades, they carry on with absolute faith in their right and their need to beautifully fill the gaps overlooked by people plans.  Transforming our garbage, our poison and our scorn into tiny dancers on the breeze is most certainly a noble pursuit!

Thanks Dan! We’ll be hearing a lot more from Dan in the coming weeks.

How do Dandelions interface with the island? Completely! Their ethic inspires everything we do!


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