Tobacco bad.

Ah the simplicity of mind control! Tobacco = mass produced cigarettes = bad (but also freeing and cool and fun and available at almost every cash-register counter!)

The whole six minutes of the following video are very much worth watching but I have it set to where David Wolfe begins discussing tobacco:

It’s probably difficult for you to focus on tobacco while your wondering about David’s fantastic necklace. It is a creation of pyramid guru and eccentric inventor Patrick Flanagan. On his website you can purchase the Neurophone, his Crystal Energy water wettener, Megahydrate and occasionally Sensor V Medallions. Here’s one on e-bay if you must have one.


Too many doorways are darkened by smokers willing to invest so much energy into their “drug” of choice whilst never really getting to know this “highest mineral content plant in the world”. Anyone who is deeply involved with tobacco must try growing it to get a real sense of the plant. That is the best way to dispel the idea of artificial scarcity imposed by the drug mindset because you begin to observe the abundance that emerges from the plant’s natural cycles.

We’re still doing some figuring to find out how and where to grow what strains of tobacco on the island but be assured that it tops the list of plants to cultivate.

Mass-produced cigarettes are a dangerous joke compared to the majesty offered by the real deal. Even if you don’t have the time or inclination to grow it yourself, there are great benefits to getting a bit more involved with the process.

Cigarettes are taxed like crazy! If you begin to shop for whole tobacco leaves by the pound there is a dramatic drop in price and you have the benefit of working directly with these fragrant leaves to discover first-hand which variations and soils most appeal to you. A pound of organic tobacco can usually be had online for around twenty bucks.



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