If you are not experimenting with pyramids you are officially wasting your life.


Our experiment here on the island is just beginning. I underestimated the difficulty in laying the foundations for our first three pyramids. As frustrating as it has been, I have no intention of stopping after three. As you can see, there’s plenty of room for many pyramids:


I actually wanted to begin with the dolphin temple and then just have the currant islanders live there until some of the other buildings become habitable. Of course camping is perfectly suitable for a such a perfect climate; the breeze off the water is constant and combines with the hot sun to instill a real sense of “Who needs a house!?”

But, I guess I might as well put some of that human ingenuity to task and do some cool things with this dude’s money whilst I have the opportunity.

So anyway, for logistical reasons that I just could not seem to surmount, the Dolphin temple will be the last of the major buildings constructed. Even as I write that I feel like that decision may be a major mistake. Ahhggrfff!

Right now we’re working on a map of the island as my current proposal stands that suitable for public consumption.

If ready to bring the shape of the pyramid into your life you may want to look into the Russian Scientist Alexandr Golod.

Here’s David Wilcock on the subject to pique your interest:

There was a lot of increased excitement about pyramids in the seventies after Patrick Flannagan released Pyramid Power. You can download the pdf for free!


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