Welcome to the Island!

Waterfalls, secret gardens, pyramids, a dolphin temple, only partially explored caves, coral reefs.

Climb the cliffs, dive into deep pools, express flawless etiquette at underwater tea parties in coral castles and explore never-before-seen caverns!





My entire life I’ve been carefully crafting the perfect island. I recently began actually living there.

This is the record of my progress: to preserve my successes and failures to assist me in the future and for the benefit of any curious onlookers. Many of the projects I will be enacting on the island will be larger scale recreations of my older experiments. I always start small so that the loss is small in the event of failure as I nail down the core principles of each process.

Some of my primary interests are fermentation, music, plants and photosynthesis, fungi, bacteria (especially Lyme Disease), pyramids, and alternative energy devices.

During a layover I stopped in the terminal bar to find a man who reminded me of all the things I love about humans and how much I enjoy interacting with them. I’ve mostly avoided bars in recent months but that day I felt a very strong urge to do what used to give me such joy: getting to know drunk strangers.

His playful presence at the bar drew me right in: everything felt easier and more fun. He quickly got me talking about my favorites and suddenly I was explaining my island to a bar full of strangers. The man listened with rapt attention and his enthusiasm seemed to build with my own as we were drawn deeper into the only partially explored caverns below the surface of the island. I finally came to the natural stopping point: “Someday the island will be mine!”

The man smiled broadly. He took a sip of his water and said,

“I think I know just the place. It may still be for sale.”



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